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At Integrative Ear Nose Throat Sinus, in Winchester, Virginia, military veteran Garrison Morin, MD, and his team offer state-of-the-art otolaryngology care with a patient-focused, whole-body approach. The team considers all aspects of a patient’s health and well-being when diagnosing ear, nose, throat, and sinus conditions and suggesting treatments.

At Integrative Ear Nose Throat Sinus, the team offers balloon sinuplasty, a procedure that treats blocked or inflamed sinuses using small balloon catheters that inflate, thus draining the nasal sinuses. The experienced team can treat a number of conditions from severe rhinosinusitis to sinus inflammation and more.

The practice treats patients like family. The team works diligently to give all patients the respect they deserve while receiving the best possible care. The environment is comfortable and welcoming, and the team does their best to keep everything on schedule, so no one has to spend too much time waiting to be seen.

The team at Integrative Ear Nose Throat Sinus focuses on educating patients about their condition and overall health. They take time to answer questions and explain illnesses and procedures thoroughly so every patient can make informed decisions about their health care. Knowledge is power and can help patients improve their overall health and wellness.

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